Celebrate Life offers the following services:
Full Event Production
* Location Scouting & Research
* Coordinator’s presence on all site inspections
* Coordinator’s presence on all walk-throughs with vendors for determination of layout, spatial planning and design strategy
* Thorough review of all vendor & venue contracts
* Distribution of personalized wedding checklist and budget worksheet
* Referrals for vendors selected with your style and budget in mind
* Appointment scheduling for all vendor appointments
* Assistance with scheduling fittings and selection of attire for bride and groom as well as wedding party
* Guidance on resources for vows, music selections, speeches and obtaining a marriage license
* Assistance with custom invitation preparation and printing including packaging, weighing and mailing services
* Negotiation of prices with vendors with whom we have relationships and assisting you with any of your own selected vendors
* Priority access to our coordinators for all questions and concerns throughout the process
* Assistance in the development of creative ideas, defining your unique style, developing a color palette and defining specific cultural ceremonies and traditions appropriate for your event
* Etiquette advice and coaching on issues as they arise* Budget guidance - advice on ways to maximize your budget and on specific limitations and how they might impact your event
* Coordinator’s presence on food tastings and appointments with caterers and bakers, offering advice with menu selection and appropriate food and wine pairings
* Order placement, delivery and pick up arrangements of any rental items
* Assistance with preparation of seating charts, diagrams, table numbers, escort cards, placecards and favor tags
* Guidance with guest list management and seating planning
* Transportation and accommodation arrangements* Assistance and advice with out-of-town guest activities and welcome gifts
* Liaison between you and the vendors throughout the entire process* Coordinator’s presence on final vendor appointments
* Thorough plotting of all event timings and activities to create a smooth and functional event flow
* Bride & Groom itemized packing list for the rehearsal and the wedding day
* Detailed event timeline to be provided to you, your bridal party and family as well as all of the vendors involved
* Assistance in arrangements for the rehearsal dinner
* Confirmation of all arrangements with venue and vendors prior to wedding day
* Coordination of the wedding rehearsal with you, your families and the bridal party
* Unlimited calling & email correspondence from day of contracted service through end of event day
* Complete wedding day event management from start to finish

Plan Your Wedding or Special Event Now!

Just who and what is a wedding coordinator, event planner, etc.

It’s unfortunate but these titles have come to be a catch all for anyone who works with a bride or celebrant. DJ’s, Florists, Caterers, Reception Halls, and yes Churches will claim to have bridal consultants and event planners. This is not only unfortunate but can be tragic for the bride who thinks she is getting a REAL wedding coordinator. Even the individual that is planning their 50 and Fabulous Birthday Bash will be stunned to find out that all she has is a liaison for who is really a Party Store vendor.

Many services boast a wedding coordinator or event planner, when all they are really offering is someone on site to announce and direct elements of a wedding reception, help with the floral or menu selection, supervise the food service or assist at the wedding ceremony/party. What about the planning and obtaining the necessary elements of the entire wedding or event?

Some vendors even claim to provide brides with a list of photographers, florists, etc. Is this vendor really trained to know the budgetary needs and the bride’s personal taste? In addition to those very absent elements in vendor choice, the vendor has not been scrutinized and qualified by a bridal consultant that really has the bride’s interest in mind. Is this vendor partial to a certain group of vendors?

What is a REAL wedding coordinator? What is a REAL event Planner?

A REAL wedding coordinator is a professional who has been trained to see to the every need of the bride from the planning process to the last dance.

A REAL event planner gets to know the guest of honor in order to customize an event suited to their personality.

A REAL wedding coordinator interviews the bride and groom thoroughly to acquire a personal connection to their vision and personal taste for their wedding.

A REAL wedding coordinator/event planner will offer vendor choices to the bride or guest of honor based on that their budget and personal taste and will set up and attend interviews along with them.

A REAL event planner will scrutinize contract offers and advise the client so that she is able to make an informed decision.

A REAL wedding coordinator will be in touch with the bride and the vendors throughout the planning process and then will be there to oversee the delivery of the contracted services.

A REAL event planner will do whatever it takes to make sure the event runs smoothly, whether that means mopping a floor to keep the musicians from being electrocuted in a downpour or climbing under and over a deck to provide additional electrical service to a band whose equipment is blowing fuses during the reception.

A REAL wedding coordinator knows that it is not all flowers and romance and will not be unable to deal with details that are necessary to create the bride’s vision.

A REAL wedding coordinator becomes the right hand of the bride throughout the entire engagement period. The planner takes on the dilemmas of the bride to relieve them of any undue stress.

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